Friday, July 28, 2006

Yet Another Complaint

Now that we've passed our first complaint about Kieona, we just had another in the last week. You see, she hasn't been passing motion for 2 days and her daddy reckons that it is because she hasn't gone ng-ng that made her so cranky and especially whiny.

Ms Sonia complained that she actually unscrewed her bottle and poured all the water onto the table and floor when she told Na to drink some water. After Ms Sonia told her that it is not very nice to do that, she did the classic Na-Na act again - ignore her Ms Sonia.

Ah, I think preschoolers with Kieona's personality won't see the end of complaints for a while. Just wondering how it will be when Kierra goes to school.....

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My First Real Complaint From School

Today marks the day when I got my first real complaint about Kieona. Well, maybe...

She turned down Miss Kas requests to drink her water and each time just ran around the classroom. Was kinda funny imagining that she did that. I was told that on the third time, Miss Kas sat her down and told her she was upset that she did not follow instructions. Apparently tears rolled down her cheeks when Miss Kas spoke to her.

While I was helping Kieona put on her shoes during dismissal, I asked her to tell Miss Kas that she was sorry. She seems to remember what happened and apologised in a very upset tone.

So, my little Kieona has started her mischievous rendezvous in school, and I am sure this will not be the last time I'm going to hear about it. *Grin*

Sunday, July 09, 2006

More than Six Months on

Well, it's been more than six months since my little "Xiaopi" Kieona has begun school. The past few months definitely have not been very easy. Before we had enrolled her in school, I often visualize how "free" I will be once I send her to school in the mornings. Well, at least it'll buy me some time in the morning to rest, relax or just enjoy my little Kierra.

To other parents who think the same way, please don't be so naive. Especially if your children are as young as two to three years old when they start school. Be prepared that the kids will start falling ill, and you will have to let them stay home (like half the time) at least for the first six months. Well, according to many other parents who have been through this, this will help build up their immunity.

I know, sometimes you will wonder why the hell you send them to school, only to have them suffer the constant flu bug but believe me, things will get better. I know of some parents who get so worried that they stopped their children from going to school because some well-meaning relatives and friends (and even doctors) tell them to at least wait for the kids to build up their immunity levels. At the end of the day, you should know why you want to send your children to school at that age.

Ok, one important bit I'll like to share here.... it seems that multivitamins do help the children to build up their health. Me and my hubby have started Kieona on the Seven Seas Multivits a few weeks after she started school and viola! I think I am starting to see good effects, as she recovers much faster from flu than before. And another thing.... feed your children more fruits. The extra Vitamin C really helps.